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Brisbane Broncos - South Sydney Rabbitohs 09:56
Bulgaria - Russia 10:00
LOSC Lille (Quavo) Esports - Marseille (Walker) Esports 07:30
Marseille (Walker) Esports - Lyon (Dimqaa) Esports 09:08
Lyon (Dimqaa) Esports - LOSC Lille (Quavo) Esports 08:12
Spain (Weeman) Esports - Netherlands (Dimqaa) Esports 06:24
Belgium (Quavo) Esports - Uruguay (Praym) Esports 06:24
Desai, Harmeet - Kuzmin, Fedor 06:30
Desai, Harmeet - Cheaib, Dauud 09:10
Amann, Samuel - Ligocki, Christopher 09:50
Zeptner, Henning - Chamorro, Miguel 08:30
LOSC Lille (Quavo) Esports - Lyon (Dimqaa) Esports 09:22
Spain (Weeman) Esports - Uruguay (Praym) Esports 06:10
Uruguay (Praym) Esports - Netherlands (Dimqaa) Esports 07:06
OGC Nice (Praym) Esports - Lyon (Dimqaa) Esports 09:36
Chinese Taipei - China 10:00
Belgium (Quavo) Esports - Spain (Weeman) Esports 06:38
Marseille (Walker) Esports - OGC Nice (Praym) Esports 08:12
Spain (Weeman) Esports - Italy (Walker) Esports 07:06
Lyon (Dimqaa) Esports - Marseille (Walker) Esports 07:58
Marseille (Fints) Esports - Rb Leipzig (dallas Stars) Esports 06:45
Ajax Amsterdam (Xalinho) Esports - Marseille (Fints) Esports 09:40
Italy (Walker) Esports - Netherlands (Dimqaa) Esports 06:38
OGC Nice (Praym) Esports - LOSC Lille (Quavo) Esports 07:44
Razinkov, Timofei - Ilichev, Maksim 08:30
OGC Nice (Praym) Esports - Marseille (Walker) Esports 09:22
Happek, Sven - Amann, Samuel 07:10
Italy (Walker) Esports - Belgium (Quavo) Esports 06:10
Uruguay (Praym) Esports - Italy (Walker) Esports 06:52
Argentina - Serbia 08:00
Lyon (Dimqaa) Esports - OGC Nice (Praym) Esports 08:26
SSC Napoli (Quavo) Esports - Bayer 04 Leverkusen (Walker) Esports 10:00
Marseille (Walker) Esports - LOSC Lille (Quavo) Esports 08:40
Russia (W) - Czech Republic (W) 10:00
Denolly, C/Menendez-Maceiras, A - Fabian, P/Martin, A 09:30
South Korea - Indonesia 06:30
Sweden (W) - Slovakia (W) 10:00
Belgium (Quavo) Esports - Netherlands (Dimqaa) Esports 06:52
Bazilevsky, Vitaly - Tsvetkov, Vyacheslav 06:15
Vshivkov, Pavel - Karpovkin, Gennady 07:00
Evlampiev, Vadim Georgievich - Slaschilin, Alexey 09:15
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